Derawan -  Where Diver's Dreams Come True Derawan Dive Resort, East Kalimantan, INDONESIA
  1. Sixteen standard traditional Kalimantan stle cottages are equipped with aircondition ; private bathroom and toilet; one double spring bed and one single spring bed. Four Deluxe rooms are equipped with aircondition; private bathroom; toilet and hotwater; two double spring beds. There are also 7 VIP cottages with 2 rooms in each cottages equipped with aircondition; very nice bathroom, toilet and hotwater; 2 double spring beds; shared lounge room; TV; Audio; Kitchen; microwave and freezer.
  2. Two big generators provide 24 hours electricity 240 volt with horizontal point. Converter 110 volt is also available at the camera room.
  3. There are 4 transfer boats which will make comfortable to our guest during their stay. There are 4 transfer boats @ 2 x 115 Hp Yamaha Outboard engine which can also be used for diving with capacity of 5 divers. This transfer boat is used for transferring divers from Berau - Derawan - Berau. Two diving boat with Yamaha outboard engine @ 2 x 85 HP; length - 7 meters; capacity = 8 divers. One fiberglass diving boat with Yamaha outboard engine 2 x 115 HP; length = 9 metera; capacity = 14 divers.
  4. E 6 Slide Processing machine will help photographers to see the result quickly and share the great underwater pictures.
  5. A very nice bar & restaurant above the water serves excellent grill/ fired fishes; chicken or meat. Our Chefs and waiters will also feel happy to serve your suggestion foods. The bar will make you easy to order mix alcohol drink. What a great place!.
  6. Our dive shop will help you with rental gears; lockers; showers. The staffs and our 7 divemasters will help you fixing your equipment for everydive. Our 2 mariner Bauer compressors provide a pure and dry filtered air filling the 150 K Valve tanks for your dives.
  7. The minishop sells many daily utilities; snacks; film; baterai; T shirt and also books.
  8. Sixteen standard traditional Kalimantan sytle cottage are equipped with aircondition;
    Private bathroom + toilet.
    Four Deluxe rooms are equipped with aircondition + hotwater and 7 VIP rooms are equipped with aircondition + hotwater + shared lounge room;
    TV; Audio;
    Kitchen & Freezer. Twenty four hours electricity 240 volt with round horizontal point;
    Very nice bar & restaurant;
    Telecomunication + fax;
    E6 slide processor;
    Camera room with voltage converter 110 Volt;
    Minishop; Dive shop + rental equipments;
    150 K-valve tanks;
    7 boats will comfort the divers to enjoy the marvelous underwater world in Derawan islands.

    With Derawan Ocean environment island and also release baby turtles before returning home.
Narwastu Dive Center

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 145; RT 26/RW.08; Pasar Baru; Balikpapan
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