Derawan -  Where Diver's Dreams Come True Derawan Dive Resort, East Kalimantan, INDONESIA


Imagine, you are sitting on a ringside seat, the arena an underwater colosseum at 100 feet, beneath you an abyssal plunge beyond the depth of mortal endurance. The arrival of a lone 7 foot great barracuda heralds for the show to begin. A dark cloud emerges from the distance, like un uprising tornado, as it twirls towards you, the dark mass metamorphosizes into a slivery screen of barracudas, Thousands...uncountable.

Eight spotted eagle rays soar from the liquid ceiling in formation whilst heavy bodied Gray sharks arrive at an electryfying velocity to break up a school of Big-tooth trevalley. The water boils, your adrenaline reaches a record high as huge giant Black spotted bull ray looms over you to cross the terrain of golden and red coral trees. Large Dog-tooth tunas and mackerels make up the chorus line to fleeting appearances of hammerheads and mantas. This show is the greatest show on earth beneath the sea, the performence limited to twice daily, every day of the year. I saw this performence thrice, and after having over 8000 sojourns in tropical water, this site is among the very best in my experience. The location was discovered by Bapak Nawawi - he graciously shared this secret domain of the deep with us.

Narwastu Dive Center

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 145; RT 26/RW.08; Pasar Baru; Balikpapan

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